Stay Connected - Anywhere and at any time!

Connect your branches fast and reliably with secure data connections no matter where your locations are situated: site-to-head office, site-to-site, mobile and portable networks.


MPLS VPN puts you in control: you get to decide which network traffic needs the fastest delivery so that it automatically gets the most bandwidth.  Quick decisions and fast collaboration are essential in a digital business world.

With MPLS VPN, you’re able to communicate quickly and securely between different sites, over a single – and private – fibre-optic network.

This means that critical applications such as voice or video can take priority over data. You can also control network traffic routing between remote locations. This will help improve the way you use business applications to increase productivity.

Increase Productivity and efficiencies with MPLS VPN!



SDWAN is the new way to connect. With a Speer’s SD-WAN solution, your business-critical applications will stay online—anywhere and at any time! Speer offers customers 99.999% uptime with their SD WAN Solution.

By utilizing and aggregating consumer grade connections, Speer ensures that customers have enterprise level performance and remain online at all times.

This way to connect will reduce your WAN cost by up to 40% and provides an even higher performance with redundancy.  Improve your ROI with Speers SDWAN solution that is economical from end-to-end.

Use consumer grade connectivity to get enterprise level performance!

Internet Access

Let Speer find the most cost effective data for your business needs, and let Speer manage the data top ups for you.

Speer keeps up to date with the local costs & monthly specials running on data. This ensures that customers are not tied into expensive contracts,  and gives them the flexibility to adapt with their business.

Over and above the cost benefit, Speer can establish which Service provider gives the best service in a particular area.

No fuss – change data providers monthly or as required!

Rapid Site Deployment

Speer enables rapid network deployment for any site-to-site installation, be it for construction, retail, banking, kiosks or any other business that requires 100% reliable network at a very competitive cost.

Speer Management Services offers customers next working day connectivity whenever traditional IP VPN connections are not available or appropriate.